Laser Tattoo Removal

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Twisted Tattoo Removes and Modifies Unwanted Ink with Laser Tattoo Removal in San Antonio, TX Featuring the Astanza Duality

San Antonio’s leading tattoo studio, Twisted Tattoo, now offers safe, fast, and effective laser tattoo removal featuring the Astanza Duality laser. Twisted Tattoo specializes in tattooing, piercing, and the removal of unwanted tattoos through complete tattoo removal, selective tattoo removal, and fading for cover-up tattoos.

“There are a lot of tattoo lovers who have at least one tattoo they want to take off or edit. A lot of customers end up getting a cover-up to hide or change an existing tattoo they no longer identify with,” said James Delgado, owner. “After receiving so many inquiries, we decided it was best to add laser tattoo removal to better serve our clients. We also perform a lot of cover-ups and knew that laser tattoo removal could help our artists improve their artistry by fading tattoos before applying a cover-up. We’re really excited to offer this service and continue giving our clients the best results throughout San Antonio.”

The Astanza Duality is a state-of-the-art Q-switched Nd:YAG laser that uses two versatile wavelengths, 1064 nm and 532 nm, to remove a wide range of popular tattoo colors. The Duality combines ultra-quick pulse durations and high pulse energy to produce intense peak power for optimal ink shattering. Laser tattoo removal is the safest method for removing unwanted ink and causes no harm to the surrounding tissue. The Duality can safely treat all skin tones thanks to its flat-top homogenized square spot beam for safer energy application and reduced treatment overlap.

“Twisted Tattoos is dedicated to client satisfaction and great results,” said Debbie Saag, Astanza Account Representative. “Their investment in the Duality indicates the devotion they have for their customers.”

About Twisted Tattoo

Twisted Tattoo is a leading tattoo studio in San Antonio, TX that specializes in piercings, neo-traditional, realism, black and grey, dot work, fantasy tattoos, and much more. They recently added the cutting-edge Astanza Duality laser to perform complete tattoo removal, lightening of tattoos, and partial removal of unwanted tattoos. All laser technicians received expert training from New Look Laser College, the world’s leading laser tattoo removal program, and are certified in operating advanced Q-switched technology.

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