best tattoo shop in san antonio
Twisted Tattoo. Located at
441 McCarty rd, San Antonio TX. 78216
Monday-Saturday Noon-8pm
Sunday noon-6pm
Hours may vary, please call ahead.
(210) 923-8618 (210)310-6232

The best prices, the best work, and the best
overall experience. We pride ourselves on being
friendly, professional, and DRUG FREE.
Our shop is not only clean, but also convenient.
We offer our customers a comfortable place to
bring their friends and family. Our 3000+ sq ft
shop includes a pool table, air hockey,
electronic basketball, big screen with satellite
TV, Internet access, over 1,000,000 designs, and
a children's play room with satellite TV, swing
set, toys and activities.
We specialize in  ALL tattoos and body
piercings. From black and grey, color, cover-up
and portraits, to surface and exotic piercings.
Our tattoos start at $40, and standard body
piercings are $20 including jewelry.
Simply put, we offer high quality work at the
lowest possible prices. Why? Well, a few
reasons. First of all, as the owner I do a good
amount of the tattooing myself, so i am not
relying on my employees to pay my bills. Also, I
not only pay my employees well, but i also cover
all of their supplies, and equipment. That way
they have no overhead costs to worry about.
Also, my rent is 1/3 of some other places
because i have done so much work to the
building to improve it, and we buy our supplies
in bulk so that we can keep costs as low as
So, come by and see the difference, see why our
customers keep coming back year after year.
Tattoo supplies
Individually packaged, sterile jewelry,
needle, A&D ointment, & forceps! And
YES still only $20 total for ANY
standard body piercing!!! If you're paying
more, you're paying TOO MUCH!!
Sterilizer tested monthly by an
independent laboratory to guarantee
proper sterilization.
We have moved to 441 McCarty rd, san antonio tx 78216
San Pedro@410 near northstar mall
best tattoo shop in san antonio
insode one of the best tattoo shops in san antonio
Twisted Tattoo