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Aftercare Instructions

Care Instructions

(If you need immediate assistance regarding aftercare for your tattoo or piercing, you can text 210-310-6232 any time and we will get back to you as soon as possible.)


To take care of your body piercing, you will want to keep it clean with only an antibacterial soap and warm water, nothing else. For oral piercings use alcohol free mouthwash, and toothpaste and brush for around the piercing.

To help reduce swelling and irritation, PLEASE use Ibuprofen or similar NSAID (acetaminophen will not help with swelling but can help with discomfort) for the first 3-4 days as directed on the packaging.

Also, with oral piercings please do not consume any bread, dairy, beer or malt liquor. Avoid kissing and oral sex for 3-4 weeks.

When cleaning it, you can move the jewelry slightly to keep that clean as well. You will want to avoid swimming or soaking in water for at least two weeks. The piercing will be healed enough to change the jewelry in about three months.


Pre Procedure

Before the day of the tattoo, be sure that you have been moisturizing the area and keeping it out of the sun. We cannot tattoo on sunburns and you will need to reschedule 48 hours in advance to keep you deposit active. If it is in an area tht you do not normally shave, please do so carefully as any cuts or razorburns could interfere with the procedure. Be sure to drink plenty of water up to the appointment time. Do not cosume alcohol or any drugs before the procedure. Wear comfortable clothes that make the area easily accessible and that you don’t mind possibly getting stained. To help reduce swelling and irritation, you should take Ibuprofen or similar NSAID an hour or two before the appointment.

Post procedure:

After your tattoo, the artist will place a bandage over it. if they have placed the clear Sanaderm bandage over it, please scroll down for those instructions. Once you arrive home or somewhere that you can safely remove the bandage and clean the area, please do so using antibacterial soap with warm water and a clean towel or paper towels to pat it dry. For the first 5-7 days, You will want to apply Aquaphor 3 to 5 times per day. You will only use a small amount and be sure to rub it into the skin very well. Always be sure to wash your hands and the tattoo before applying the ointment. After the 5 to 7 days, you can use any unscented moisturizing lotion that you would like. Put that on as many times a day as possible until the tattoo is fully healed and the skin is smooth. Do you not submerge the tattoo and water for at least 14 days. Also, you will need to Keep any pets from touching the tattoo because it can possibly get contaminated or developed an infection. It may develop a scab, if so please do not scratch or pick up the scab. The tattoo itself may itch during the healing process as well, please do not scratch it or put anything other than lotion on it. It is always good to use a high SPF sunblock once the tattoo is at least two weeks old. To help reduce swelling and irritation, PLEASE use Ibuprofen or similar NSAID (acetaminophen will not help with swelling but can help with discomfort) for the first 3-4 days as directed on the packaging. At four weeks, the tattoo will typically be fully healed and we can do any necessary touchups after that time. You’ll just need to call and schedule that for whatever the artist has available Mondays through Fridays. We do not do free touchups on Saturdays or Sundays.

For Saniderm (clear bandage)

Please be aware that any allergies or sensitivity to adhesive‘s will need to be mentioned to your artist so that they do not use this product as it will irritate the skin a great deal and slowly healing process of the tattoo.

When your tattoo is finished, the artist will clean and prepare the area and place the waterproof adhesive over it. You will leave that piece on for approximately 24 hours. At that time you will remove it, clean the tattoo thoroughly with soap and warm water. Do not apply any lotion or ointment, just pat the tattoo and surrounding skin completely dry so that the second piece will adhere properly to the skin. This piece will need to remain on for six days. If you notice that any part of the film has came loose from the skin, you will need to let us know right away so that you can come pick up an additional piece, or you can simply remove the Saniderm and continue on with the regular aftercare above. Once the seventh day has passed, you may use a regular unscented lotion until the skin is completely smooth and healed.

Lip Blush (pre and post precedure)

Lip Blushing Pre-Procedure Care

*Consult with your primary care physician if you’re prone to cold sores or have herpes. If you are prone to cold sores or have herpes, please inquire about taking an antiviral medication prior to having your procedure done.

*Avoid certain cosmetic procedures, including lip implants and lip fillers, 6 months prior your lip blushing procedure. For the following 3 weeks, continue to avoid those types of procedures.

*Please remove any oral piercings and cleanse the area prior to the appointment.

*If you currently have a sinus infection, please contact your practitioner for further guidance.

*Avoid smoking or antibiotic therapy for at least 4 weeks prior to your appointment. If unavoidable, please contact your practitioner for further guidance, as antibiotics and smoking result in higher candida (yeast) count and infection may result.

*Avoid alcohol and blood thinning medications for at least 24 hours prior to procedure.

*Avoid caffeine 12 hours prior to procedure.

*Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep lips supple.

*Scrub your lips the day before the procedure to remove any dead skin build up, and keep them hydrated up until the appointment time with Aquaphor, Vaseline, or ChapStick.

Lip Blushing Post-Procedure Care

*Use a clean and cool wash cloth to gently wipe the lips in the morning, after eating, and before going to bed at least 7 days post procedure.

*Apply a generous amount of A&D ointment or Aquaphor ointment with a clean Q tip as many times as necessary throughout the day to keep lips moist.

*Use caution when brushing your teeth and avoid getting toothpaste on your lips. Also avoid mouthwash with alcohol.

*Keep your lips sealed when washing your face and avoid getting your face wash or scrub on your lips. DO NOT exfoliate, rub, pick, scratch, or peel at the lips.

*DO NOT apply makeup until fully healed

*Avoid intense or direct sun exposure.

*Avoid salty or spicy food and drinks.

*Avoid kissing until fully healed.