4 Reasons Painless Tattoos are Gaining Popularity

4 Reasons Painless Tattoos are Gaining Popularity

Twisted Tattoo in San Antonio, Texas, is proud to offer the latest advancement in the tattoo industry – painless tattooing. Painless tattooing is becoming increasingly popular due to its impressive benefits over traditional tattooing. Here are four reasons why more and more people are choosing painless tattooing at Twisted Tattoo:

receiving a shoulder tattoo

Enjoy a Pain-Free Tattooing Experience

Painless tattooing eliminates the discomfort associated with traditional tattooing — something that has been a roadblock to many people getting the tattoo they’ve always wanted. Our medically administered Lidocaine injections provide up to 2 hours of pain-free tattooing. This allows you to enjoy a tattoo without worrying about the pain that usually comes with it.

elaborate arm tattoo

Quicker Procedure

Painless tattooing is much faster than traditional tattooing. The Lidocaine injections numbs the area quickly and efficiently, allowing us to get to work on your tattoo in no time. This means less time spent in the chair or taking a break from the pain that tattooing can cause, and more time showing off your new ink.

cardinal tattoo

Improved Results

Painless tattooing can help ensure that your tattoo looks its best! Since you’re much less likely to be distracted by pain — or even wince or accidentally twitch — you allow your tattoo artist to focus better on the details of your tattoo. This results in a higher-quality tattoo that you can be proud of!

large hand tattoo that says Loyalty

How Does It Work?

Lidocaine injections are incredibly fast-acting, with the numbing sensation taking effect in as little as 90 seconds. The pain-free sensation usually lasts for 1-2 hours, but more doses can be given during the tattooing process if necessary. All injections are reviewed, administered, and managed by our on-site registered nurse, as well as our remote physician’s assistant.

At Twisted Tattoo, we believe that painless tattooing may be the best way to get inked. We’re proud to offer the latest advancements in the industry and provide our clients with a comfortable and safe experience. So if you’re looking for a painless tattoo experience, come visit us at Twisted Tattoo in San Antonio, Texas.

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